Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flying to Lisboa

English first/日本語は英語の後

The weather at Seattle was so beautiful as seeing Mt. Rainier clearly (Picture 1). Now I'm aboard on British Airways #48. While the aircraft is flying to the direction away from the sun and it's already 10:30pm, the outside of the cabin is still bright. Look at Picture 2. Yes, the aircraft is flying on the edge of the day light and the night darkness. Presumably, I'm experiencing my first midnight sun as flying over Canada and Greenland. This doesn't happen to a transpacific flight between Japan and US because of a lower latitude.

After a half-hour delay, BA48 landed at London where I transited from terminal 4 to 1 as following purple signs of "flight connections" and "terminal 1 & 2". It took 20+ minutes. At terminal 1, I bought a very small box of Asian noodle salad and again a very small bottle of water that cost 4.88 in total (Picture 3). Be careful of the currency unit which is £ but not $. Given £ ≥ $2.00, it was approximately $10 or ¥1070. Excuse me, how much do people in UK earn salary? After 1 hour delay, I arrived at Lisbon (Picture 4). While I got prepared for anticipated Q&As (like "nada declarar") at the passport control with a letter from the UW vice provost regarding my sabbatical and an invitation from Miguel, an immigration officer simply got my passport stamped as saying "kon'nichiwa" (i.e., hello in Japanese). I like his easy-going way. :-)


30分程の遅れで、BA48便はヒースロー空港に着陸し、ターミナル4から1へ "flight connections"と"terminal 1 & 2"の紫色の看板に従って移動しました。20分以上はかかります。ターミナル1で、中華風やきそばサラダと小さな飲料水を買ったんですが、合計4.88でした。(写真3)通貨単位はドルではなくポンドということを考えると、10ドル、または1070円もする訳です。すみませんが、イギリス人の給料ってのはいくらなんですかね。一時間遅れで、リスボンに到着(写真4)。入国に際して、予想される問答例(申告する物はありません)や大学の副学長からのサバティカルに関する手紙、ミゲールからの招聘状を用意していたにも関わらず、「こんにちは」と言って、パスポートにスタンプを直ぐさま押してくれるほど、乗りの良い入国審査官ってのが良いですね。

Picture 1. Mt. Rainier from SeaTac

Picture 2. Flight to London

Picture 3. $10 Lunch

Picture 4. Lisboa

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