Saturday, July 19, 2008

One day before my departure

English first/日本語は英語の後

There were a lot of things to do before starting my sabbatical: changing my address, suspending/terminating all services, moving all furniture to a storage, etc.. And the very last thing was to drive my Honda CRV to Kingston, a 30-minute ferry ride from Seattle/Edmonds, (see Picutre 1), where Dane , my former student and now my friend (Picture 2), will take care of the car till April 1st. It seems like most passengers aboard were tourists, in particular campers and hikers headed out to the Olympic NP. To people outside of Washington State, Seattle may be a base for outdoor activities.

Now, we are done with all those things. We left our apartment, (Picture 3) which we thought was a temporary place for our transition from the previous condo to a new house but eventually resided for nine months. The last dinner before our departure was Kisaku (Picture 4). My wife told that it is only one restaurant where she can feel that she had a good dinner. Agree.



Picture 1. Going to Kingston: still a winter-like weather under the temperature 52F.

Picture 2. Dane who is the first person in my blog

Picture 3. Leaving our unimpressive apartment

Picture 4. Kent using chopsticks for his first time at Kisaku

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宗ちゃん おはようございます。