Monday, July 28, 2008


English first/日本語は英語の後

My BA flight's booklet listed "go to a restaurant at Madrid before 9pm" as one of "don't" items. So is Lisbon. Since I came here, I've never had dinner with Miguel before 10pm. Pictures 1, 2, and 3 were all taken at the 2nd largest shopping mall in the Lisbon area, which is actually located at the other side of the Tejo river from Lisbon. Focus on the time when I shot those pictures. Yes, it was 10:20pm. People enjoyed shopping and dinner. Of more surprise is that kids were still playing! It can't happen in Seattle and even in Japan. Two years ago when I drove back to Seattle from Portland with my wife and son, it was 11pm and we were too tired to cook dinner then. Of course, almost all shopping malls and restaurants were closed in the Seattle area. Only the exception was Denny's, where we felt we were bad parents to bring our kid to a restaurant late at night.

Then, I spontaneously got a question: what time do Portuguese wake up and go to work? As far as I look at Miguel's housemates and colleagues at work, they start their work around 9am or slightly later than that. So, here is my conclusion: they are the creature capable of surviving with the least sleeping time over the world.



Picture 1: The unique architecture of Almada Forum, the 2nd largest shopping mall in the Lisbon region

Picture 2: Kids playing in the mall at 10:20pm!
写真2 夜10:20分にモールで遊んでいるガキども

Picture 3: Yet dinner and shopping hours at 10:20pm. Let's go to see "Badman".
写真3 食事もショッピングも最高潮、これからバッドマンを見に行くところ

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